Art Piece of the Day #02

Untitled #6276

Untitled #6276 by johbri featuring a ceramic dinnerware

You wanna make your mark in this world?  Then you have to listen up.  

Nobody, I said nobody can make out here Alone.- Maya Angelou 

Pretty words quoted by legendary poets who left a 'mark' in this world.' What she said made all the difference. To be loved by someone, you must have someone love you. Best Friends until the end. Am I confusing you? Good. The whole point of an 'Art Piece of the day" is to make you think. 

I'll be mixing metaphors with similes to get your mind pumped. UP. lol.  

What does this picture say to you?

You might say, you see two friends traveling the world and doing things that friends do. That's easy. Simple. BORING!

I see a support system of  "you've got my back and I got yours." A modern day Thelma and Louise- minus Brad Pitt. I see two souls joined as one. Never wavering. Never Doubtful. Always Real. Always Honest. They maybe traveling the world but these two OWN it.

 I also see sadness in this picture. Thoughts of: Will you leave me? Is our bond as strong as we depict it to the world? Is this a blurry illusion just so we can keep up appearances? Do you as loyal to me as I am to you? 

Ha! Mood Killer! Let me make you smile again...

As long as you know that you have your friends back through, thick and thin, nothing can sever the bond! After all you're Best Friends! 

How will you leave your mark in this world? Alone? 

All Hugs, No kisses