The First Glam Post

Chanel bag

I Might as well give it my all. Times up! No more waiting. No more anticipating. All a girl can ask for is your word and her Chanel bag. 

Fashion meets the soul.  Are you lost? lol 

This is what I look forward too. Posting my deepest thoughts. As soon as I figure what the hell I'm doing, watch out. First up, figure out where to find free pics. Then it's on. Baby steps, right? I'll keep searching, though.  

Are you searching for yourself?

Today, I found out that my dreams were deferred. Stolen by a better version of me. A copy. She had high expectations, so her parents told her to be like me.... 2.0 ME.  Now, I'm watching on the sidelines, cheering her on--with a smile. Of course. Fake it til I make it, right? *sigh*  If I was brutally honest with myself (and you) I knew she would be great from the moment she was born. A natural born star. Eager to please and dim the spotlight of anyone who had it. The Beyonce out the group. And I love Bey, but damn...

Are you lost yet? Good. That wasn't my intention but I wanted to give you a glimpse of my mind....along with fashion (soon enough) always fashion. 

Because if you're going to go cray, then you might as well look good while doing it. 

All hugs, No Kisses,


featured photo: Chanel bag (via polyvore)