Be Fearless

Unsure of the days ahead, I watched in silence. 
Anxious. Nervous. Curious.   
What am I doing here? 
A variation of push and pull. 
A glass half empty... and full. 
I waited for myself to return, 
to a place once filled with hope.
Love. Freedom. 
I poured life back into my mind, 
as a  reflection captured my child-like innocence. 
Mirroring all of my worries.  
Am I ready?        

What are you Afraid of? 

Today, I was inspired by the thought of being Anxious. If we let fear drive our lives then we will never get to a place of peace. That's why in the mist of hope we find curiosity. Whatever it is you want to do. Do it! Be inspired. Be great. Be fearless. Be you. 

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