The House Always Wins

Yesterday, I lost my money.
Determined to win. 
Blinded by the lights, noise and greed, 
I inserted Hope. 
Pulse racing, eyes wishful. 
"God please and please God" 
Do you love me?  
Fueled by the rush. 
A slave to the sound. 
I was addicted. 
Just one more time--I know it. 
So I waited and click... 
and waited and clicked.

Some of you may be wondering what the heck am I talking about.

Yesterday, I went to the casino. You know, to 'make a dollar out of fifteen cents.'  Well, I went in there with high hopes. I woke up lucky. But something went terribly wrong. By the time I lost my first $40, I didn't feel as optimistic. It was like the joy was sucked out of me. 

Did THEY plan this?

If you want to lose yourself then take a chance. We take chances on just about everything. Love. Friends. Careers. Life in general...

Long story short. I lost my money but gained.....well, I'll get back to you on what I gained. lol

Do you gamble? On what? Why?