How to Turn Your Home into a Retro-Style Bachelorette Pad

1. TV Unit

Do you have a modern style home and want to turn it into a Retro glam pad (or Man Cave)? A retro- chrome TV unit with a industrial vibe will be an instant conversation piece among your friends.

2. A Copper Telephone 

The Retro Copper Telephone will transport your home back to the 1960's vintage British era. Although, most of us use our cellphones now, by the time you add this trendy telephone to your bachelorette's pad, you will be begging for a home phone line.

3. A Magazine Rack

A retro-style magazine rack is perfect for showcasing your favorites like: Vogue Magazine, Glamour and/or Cosmopolitan Mag. It's industrial, quirky, unique and different. It doesn't consume a lot room space and it has a clean feel to it.

4. Red Leather Arm Chair

The retro-esp Red Leather Arm Chair is the perfect statement piece for your home. It's sleek and curvy style has a 'mid century feel with a 21st century edge.'

5. The Retro-style Hand

Okay, I'll admit I love anything that lights up! The Retro Hand has a 'nostalgic' feel as if your at a country state fair. Actually, this reminds of a scene from the movie The Notebook when they first met at the carnival.